REGAL 3300

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Longueur : 9.73 mètres
Largeur : 3.32 mètres

Moteur : 300 cv VOLVO V8 5.7L Injection DP double hélice inox*

Tirant d'eau : 0.61 mètres

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Discover the potential of day yachting with Regal’s 3300. Eloquently crafted with versatility and the luxury that is promised in every Regal. The spacious layout lets you comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests and entertain them well. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation or both, the 3300 gives you the ability to do it all.

REGAL 3300 REGAL 3300 REGAL 3300 REGAL 3300
REGAL 3300
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